Who we are

We are known as « the Jacques brothers », like the famous french band, but unlike them, we have neither moustaches nor yoga pants 😅.

And yes, we actually are brothers, even if it’s not that obvious on the pictures.

Our story

We both are computer science engineers, and since 1999 we have been working together in the Output Management area. We started on the customer side, with Dazel Output Management solutions, as contractors for Hewlett Packard, Michelin and IBM, already with our own company.
In late 2006, we became consultants on the editor side (HP), which allowed us to exercise and learn with 40+ customers.
In 2018, we created Usual Experts, to leverage the expertise we gained in the last 2 decades.
Since then, we provide independent advisory, Professional Services, and proprietary solutions to our customers.

Our values

What you are expecting from a friend is to be there when you need so, to listen to you, and to tell you the truth.

We believe a good business relationship is not quite different as being friends, plus it’s much more fun like this !

Usual experts, expertise as usual.

Cyrille Jacques

Big brother

Lionel Jacques

Little brother (but taller)

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